How Do I Recieve my Video/Images?

Purchase your product, and then I will contact you to find out where you'd like to receive it. 

How Do I Recieve My Physical Goods?

As with the downloadable content, just contact me, and once I get your address, we'll figure it out from there.  

Physical good Rates

  • Personal physical goods: (panties, socks, stockings, bras): $45 per 1 item plus shipping.
  • Custom physical goods: (pussypops, used latex gloves, used food stuff, etc): $45 per 1 set or item plus shipping.
  • Custom request physical goods with video example of me using it : $70 per 10 minute video with item plus shipping.

*If you would like me to ship items to you using a psudeo name, I don't mind. I pride myself on protecting your privacy.  

What do I do on shipping if I order downloadable content?

Just select the free shipping option and feel free to fill out a psuedo address, as all I really need is your email to send it.

Kik/Snapchat options

$45 for unlimited chat. 

  • *I do not give out my personal number. I have had some crazy fan issues in the past and I am not looking to go through that again, and I hope you can understand. this is a safe way for me to communicate with you. *Please do not badger me for free content (videos, clips, nude snap or non nude snaps) that is a quick way to get deleted off my friends list even if you have paid. If I am nice enough to send you something free, don’t expect it. that means I like you as a person and being pushy for more will change that.  


New products are coming soon!