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Extralunchmoney Status

 I'm currently a silver seller, and out of 227 reviews, I have only 1 thumbs down. 

What other sites do you operate under?

youkandy, manyvids, clips4sale, and soon modelcentro. 

Why have you only obtained status through elm?

 I haven't been on the other sites as long, coupled with the fact that I grew tired of having to charge people more due to commission rates. I see those more as side projects now, Things to work on over time, although I have had quite a bit of success on all of them! That's why this site was created along with so that I could offer you my content at prices that made both ends happy.  

Why should I buy from you?

 Unlike most Fetish models, I have a deep desire to please, along with a few strange fetishes of my own. 90% of the jobs I get pitched, I'm excited for. I don't accept jobs I think I won't enjoy. Aside from that, the quality of my work with my equipment and editing skills surpass most other girls who have to beg for your attention. My customers come back for more because I have made investments to keep the interested.   

What's your Niche?

Have you opened a new location, redesigned your shop, or added a new product or service? Don't keep it to yourself, let folks know.

What if I have a wierd fetish?

 We're all bizarre in one way or another, some of us are just better at hiding it. Go ahead and pitch it to me! Chances are I'd give it a try! 

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I do not send anything until the payment is in my account, No ifs, ands, or buts.*I resell everything. If you would like to get credit for it, or would like me to take out and pictures, or names, let me know upfront. If you would like your video to stay private, let me know and there will be an extra $0.25/min charge on videos under 5 minutes, and an $0.50/min charge on videos under 10 minutes.*If your request is really strenuous, or something that’s just a little too out there for me, I may offer you a different rate.*all of my content is for resale. the only thing I ask is if it’s free content, do not charge for it (youtube, redtube) and if you use it, credit me and link this site to it.*I do not give out my personal number. I have had some crazy fan issues in the past and I am not looking to go through that again, and I hope you can understand.*Do not badger me for free content on my KIK or snapchat(videos, clips, nude snap or non nude snaps) you will be deleted.

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