Can I use this on my Site?

 Absolutely! All my content is for commercial and personal use! All I ask is that you don't sell for less than I do, and you mention where you got it! I also Don't mind if you use up to 10 pics for site graphics. 

How Do I order?

 Just go to the Shop section of this site and follow the instructions! 

What Can I use These Images For?

 Whether you host a site about hot goth girls and need some grahics, all the way up to if you run blog about big bootied latinos, My pictures fit a wide range of niches. 

The Many Sides Of Liv

Goth/Artistic Photo Sets

 My favorite shoots to do! My boots and my fishnets are probably the most recurrent thing you'll see in my photo sets, and sort of a part of my personality. This is how I feel most comfortable and it really shows with the calm and playful poses in these sets. I'm also working on more cosplay for this category along with my Harley Quinn set. (Keep an eye out for Wednesday Adams and Lydia from Beetlejuice!) 

Pretty in Pink Photo Sets

These sets, are more seductive. Usually having nudity and a ton of very provocative poses. Very cute and Fun Photo sets.  

Public Photo Sets

 Sometimes, Jason and I drive around to different Places just to enjoy nature for a little bit, and sometime, we decide to take my clothes off and take pictures. These are so much fun to do, and you can see the surroundings around us which just adds to the excitement!