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Twerk Twerk Twerk...

 Where I started. The first one posted was in 720x480 resolution, and now, I'm shaking my booty in 4K!  

Rants and Reviews

 Rants about social topics like "fake feminism", bullying, and society's outdated views and self destructive hateful behavior. Reviews on Models, Buyers, Musicans, Videos and much more. 

Humor and Art

 I've just recently started dabbling in the funny and artistic side of my Youtube. I'm currently working the most on my video editing skills, but I work through a lot of different mediums. More to come! 

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In this moment fan made video

 "This is the Sexiest & Sensual Video, EVER!!!!!" -Clink139115, Frequent youtuber.  

Why "Feminists" Hate Me

 "I totally dig this video. You got a beautiful, deep & philosophical brain. as well as a pretty face & a hot body. I wish there was more women like yourself, who do the type of modeling that you do" -Jared, Consultant and close personal friend, 

Bad and Boujee Twerk

  "I subbed because of your view points on the women's m and got this nice bonus. lol. feels like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and my birthday all at once.  Good work!" -T Daquilla, Frequent youtuber.  

100 subscriber deal

Last video featured

For a long time I've had a deal going, but now that I've gained some popularity, I've had to change the numbers up a bit. For every 100 subscribers here, youtube, or twitter followers, I release a video of exclusive content free! it's my way of saying thank you!

Constant censorship

 I opened this site along with my vimeo, to be able to always keep in contact with all my fans, Because youtube doesn't always like what I post. So be sure to subscribe to all three so you don't miss a beat! 

4K resolution Now available

 As you can clearly see, My video quality as well as equipment have changed over time. Anything posted as new to this site will be in 4k resolution!  

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As you guys know, I have a ton of idea I want to get through in my free vlog! donating will help me to get more props, more software, and maybe one day a set for the model reviews! 

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